Search Engine Optimisation

We want to get to know your business. So we will work closely to find out what your business is about and what your company represents. We will then do keyword analysis for your site, working to find the keywords which will produce the most traffic with the least competition. We will then discuss the chosen keywords with you, and they will form the basis of the rest of your optimisation strategy.
Your search engine optimisation plan can be split into the following major steps:
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Website optimisation
  • Link building
We use marketing analytics to monitor your full site. This way we can gain access to your current page rankings, keywords, link building etc. Once we gather this information, we can then tailor a plan specific to your website and start using our SEO techniques. Through using software to analyse your site, we know exactly what part of your organic SEO needs improving and how we can help your brand evolve.

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